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6 de abril de 2020

Monuments & Museums In The Rioja Wine Region

The wine culture of the Rioja wine region has been reflected in Gothic reliefs, cave cellars, old stone huts in the middle of the vineyards, medieval poems and thematic museums which include one of the most important collections in the world. Apart from wine, the region has a rich historical and artistic heritage. In this section we offer a selection of key museums and monuments in the Rioja wine region, designed for travelers who want to combine wine tourism and cultural tourism.

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Aguas Mansas Castle, Agoncillo

Location: in the center of Agoncillo, 14 kilometers away from Logroño and 36 from Calahorra. The first documentary references to Agoncillo date from the eleventh century, and the first ones to its castle date from… [ + ]

Calahorra Cathedral

During the Roman domination Calahorra was a city of the empire, Calagurris Iulia Nassica, and in the medieval period exerted enormous influence throughout La Rioja as episcopal see. Its cathedral was the first in the… [ + ]

Cañas Abbey

Cañas Abbey, a jewel of Gothic style, is among the first female monasteries of the Cistercian Order in Spain. It was founded in the twelfth century and built largely along the 13th, under the impulse… [ + ]

Castle of Los Luna - Cornago

Location: in the town of Cornago, 72 kilometers away from Logroño, 40 km from Calahorra and 22.5 km from Enciso. The Castle of Los Luna presides over the beautiful medieval town of Cornago, in La… [ + ]

Center for Rioja Wine Culture

The Center for Rioja Wine Culture, located in the old part of Logrono, is one of the most ambitious wine tourism projects in the region. It includes a museum, rooms for temporary exhibitions, classrooms, tasting… [ + ]

Chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Arcos, Tricio

Location: next to the cemetery of Tricio, 3.5 kilometers far from Najera, 26 km from Logroño and 22 km from Santo Domingo de la Calzada. From the outside, this chapel, which can be considered one… [ + ]

Chapel of Santa María de la Piscina, Peciña

Location: on a hill 1 kilometer far from Peciña, a small village in the municipality of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, and 4.5 km away from San Vicente. The church of Santa Maria de la… [ + ]

Chozos or guardaviñas

The ‘guardaviñas’ -an informal noun which could be translated as “keeper of the vineyards”- are small stone huts used by farmers as a shelter when they looked after the crops. Although there are several types,… [ + ]

Church of El Salvador, Tirgo

Location: in the center of Tirgo, 10 kilometers away from Haro and 50 km from Logroño. The church of El Salvador, in Tirgo, is a small temple from the late twelfth or early thirteenth century,… [ + ]

Church of San Andrés, Elciego

Location: in the center of Elciego, 6.5 km away from Laguardia and 20 km from Logroño. The church of San Andrés, in Elciego, is a huge construction of ashlar masonry from the sixteenth century. It… [ + ]

Church of San Bartolomé, Logroño

Location: Plaza de San Bartolomé, in the center of Logroño. The church of San Bartolome is, together with Santa María de Palacio, the oldest and most venerable temple in Logrono. No accurate documentation about its… [ + ]

Church of San Esteban, Ábalos

Location: in the center of Abalos, 30 kilometers away from Logroño, 14 km from Haro and 12 km from Laguardia. The church of San Esteban, in Abalos, boasts one of the best portals of Catholic… [ + ]

Church of San Juan, Laguardia

Location: in the Plaza de San Juan, within the walls of Laguardia. 44 km away from Vitoria, 18 km from Logroño, 26 km from Haro and 7 km from Elciego. Built in several phases between… [ + ]

Church of San Miguel, Cuzcurrita

Location: on the main square of the town, 11 km far from Haro and 51 km from Logroño. The church of San Miguel, in Cuzcurrita del Río Tirón, is a Baroque church with three naves,… [ + ]

Church of Santa María de la Asunción, Briones

Location: in the Plaza de España, in the center of Briones, 34 kilometers far from Logroño, 8 km from Haro and 22 km from Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The church of Santa María was… [ + ]

Wine Worship

Bodega Contador

Benjamín Romeo comenzó a elaborar sus primeros vinos en una cueva centenaria horadada en la colina donde se alza el castillo de San Vicente de la Sonsierra, y continuó en... [ + ]

Bodegas Olmaza

Bodega familiar de elaboración y crianza fundada en 1989 en San Vicente de la Sonsierra (Rioja Alta). Posee 45 hectáreas de viñedos propios en los términos municipales de San Vicente... [ + ]

Hotel Casona del Boticario (H***)

La Casona del Boticario es un hotel con encanto especialmente dedicado al enoturismo. Está ubicado en el centro de San Vicente de la Sonsierra, uno de los principales enclaves vitivinícolas... [ + ]